Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I had some previous experience with wikis a couple of years ago when I worked with ATRT to make a website scoring document for checking different aspects of one's site. I think we used PB Wiki and it was a fantastic tool for collaborative work on a project--a million times easier than emailing documents back and forth.
I have since set up a pbwiki site for computer help for our patrons and staff. But I'm finding it very confusing, and I really like this WetPaint site. I think I'll move the wiki over there, as I haven't done that many pages. WetPaint seems much easier to use.
I've used Wikipedia a lot, but never took the time to look at the discussions and the history. It was very interesting! I looked up the Ramones, which led to the Quarrymen, which led to the Beatles, which is a whole other project. Fascinating!

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