Friday, July 31, 2009

23 Things for Our Library

First of all, I've really enjoyed following this 23 Things program. Although I knew of or used many of the applications, I learned something new with every Thing.
I think these are very important things for all of our library staff to know about. I may at some time do something similar to this program. Another librarian and myself gave a quite lengthy presentation to library staff a couple of years ago that went over alot of this, showing examples of blogs, podcasts, delicious, etc. and we use several of these already on our web site. I would like to do another presentation at our fall inservice to encourage them to actually use some of these tools.
Our teen advisory panel is eager to set up a facebook page, but the city has put a halt on that for now until they can get some kind of policy in place. I sent over a social networking policy that I formulated for the Library, and our CIO okayed that, so we have 2 blogs and our Twitter page linked from our web site. Our reference librarian has set up a delicious page that we share with the public, and we just started reference im service.
Actually, I guess we're doing pretty well as far as Web 2.0. The next thing I would like to look into is mobile reference. I think that's going to be big soon!

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