Friday, July 31, 2009


One of the best things I learned with this program was the Flickr mashups and image generators. I'm always looking for interesting images for our web site, and this will give me some more tools to work with. I was also glad to get some experience with Google Reader and Google Docs, and the Wetpaint wiki. I had been using bloglines and pbwiki, but I really like these better.

The one application I didn't really like that much was LibWorm, because I got so many irrelevant results. I think I would make a custom search on Google to limit the sources. Still, I can see using LibWorm for initial research on a topic just to get pointed to some sources.

I loved the YouTube library videos that I watched. Maybe, someday... I'm not the most creative person on our staff as far as graphics and videos are concerned, but maybe I can talk the more creative people into it! Also, we are hoping to podcast children's stories one of these days, soon, so that's another thing I'll be working on.

When we change over to a new automation system, I would like to have one that allows patrons to tag items. That's one feature of LibraryThing that I think is great.

All in all, this was a great program with practical uses for libraries. Glad I joined it!

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