Wednesday, July 29, 2009


our children's librarian is very interested in doing podcasts of children's stories to put on our website, much like denver public library's podcast page, so i had already looked into audacity and bought a usb headphone/microphone set. i just have to find the time to really play around with it--also the issue of copyrights needs to be investigated.

i think podcasts are ideal for teens, who are used to mp3 players. i liked the teen poetry slam podcast from kaankakee library at, as well as the teen podcasts at county of los angeles public library:

the education podcast network had some interesting podcasts and good information about podcasting. as with videos, poscasts can be useful for quick instructional sessions that could be placed on a website, to list programs for the month, interviews with authors. one of our patrons is writing a book on the history of our city, and i think an interview with him would be a great addition to our web sites city history page.

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