Thursday, June 18, 2009


i had already set up a facebook account a month or so ago. several people at work were on facebook, plus several of my daughters and some friends. i also had a myspace account for several years. i liked the myspace in that i could jazz it up a lot and add music. i rarely check it anymore though.
i found an old coworker through facebook, which was fun. it's interesting to see who the people you know know. the whole kevin bacon thing, i suppose.
it also makes me wish i were a lot more interesting!
our teen group at the library want to set up a facebook account for the library's teen advisory panel to market events and books. meanwhile, our city is wanting to set up some policies first, so we are working on that. i think it's very important to have written policies in place concerning the content, and maybe even the look and feel, of social networking sites in which the library is involved.

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